oxygen hafnium upb

in situ zircon u-pb, oxygen and hafnium isotopic

Six samples of the Linglong granitic pluton from the southeastern margin of the North China craton yield similar Jurassic magmatic zircon U-Pb ages and evolved whole-rock Sr-Nd isotopic compositions. They are weakly peraluminous to strongly peraluminous, with A/CNK (molar Al 2 O 3 /[CaO + Na 2 O + K 2 O]) ratios of 1.05 to 1.3 except one sample with an A/CNK of

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in-situ zircon u-pb, oxygen and hafnium isotopic evidence

May 01, 2011 · In this study, we have used in-situ U-Pb, Hf and O isotopic analyses of zircon grains to gain insights into both magmatic processes and duration of magmatism in igneous rocks from the Tuscan Magmatic Province (0.1-9 Ma), Italy. Three plutonic centres have been investigated (Monte Capanne and Porto-Azzuro monzogranites in Elba and the Giglio monzogranite) as well as Capraia, the

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(pdf) combined u–pb, hafnium and oxygen isotope analysis

Combined U–Pb, hafnium and oxygen isotope analysis of zircons from meta-igneous rocks in the southern North China Craton reveal multiple events in the Late Mesoarchean–Early Neoarchean. Chemical Geology, 2009. Simon A Wilde. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper

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northern territory geochronology uranium-lead (upb

Northern Territory Geochronology Uranium-Lead (UPb) Dataset. This dataset comprises uranium-lead (U-Pb) age determinations (reported in millions of years) and isotope ratios for zircon and monazite from rocks from the Northern Territory. Supplementary lutetium-hafnium (Lu-Hf) and oxygen (O) isotope ratios are also provided for zircon from selected samples

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early cretaceous ridge subduction beneath southern alaska

Mar 01, 2019 · Early Cretaceous ridge subduction beneath southern Alaska: Insights from zircon U-Pb geochronology, hafnium, and oxygen isotopic compositions of the Western Chugach tonalite-trondhjemite suite

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using hafnium unravel

Running Out Of Gas Zircon 18o Hf Upb Evidence For . 2006 using hafnium and oxygen isotopes in zircons to unravel the record of crustal evolution.Chemical geology 226, 144162.In contrast, the upb age of a zircon records the last time the mineral experienced temperatures above the closure threshold for the pb system 1000 c, and thus the crystallisation

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age and origin of post collision baltoro granites, south

Baltoro granites and a biotite-rich enclave yielded similar and overlapping U-Pb ages ranging from 26 to 15 Ma. Hafnium isotopic composition (εHf (0)) is very heterogeneous ranging from - 17.1 to + 4.4 while the oxygen isotopic composition of the granites is homogeneous with mean δ 18 O ranging from 7.2 to 9.4‰. Based on U-Pb geochronology and Hf-O isotopic composition, the involvement of two main

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coupled precambrian crustal evolution and supercontinent

Dec 01, 2018 · Oxygen and hafnium isotopic compositions, measured in-situ on U-Pb dated zircon grains from Paleoproterozoic to early Cambrian successions in NW India have implication for regional crustal evolution and supercontinent cycles. Analyzed zircon grains have high Th/U ratios (>0.1), display strongly fractionated REE patterns, metamorphic overprint, and evidence of interaction with low temperature

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geochemical, isotopic, and zircon (u-pb, o, hf isotopes

Here we present new oxygen and hafnium isotope data from the very characteristic Ollo the Sapo zircons, which in most cases, consist of ca. 485Ma rims and ca. 590-615Ma cores. We found that the Cambrian-Ordovician rims yielded unimodal distributions that cluster around ∂ 18 O = 10, typical of S-type magmas formed from melting of altered crust

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oxygen vacancy in hafnia as a blue luminescence center and

The electronic properties of HfO2, in particular, luminescence and charge transport, are determined by defects and traps. The origin of luminescence centers and traps of charge carriers in a HfO2 crystal was studied using luminescence spectroscopy, charge transport, and quantum-chemical calculation. The 2.7 eV luminescence band and 5.2 eV absorption/luminescence excitation band are associated

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new zircon radiometric u-pb ages and lu-hf isotopic data

Mar 22, 2021 · Lutetium-Hafnium Isotopic Data. The Lu-Hf isotopic data for the 57 zircon spots with concordant U-Pb ages are listed in Table S2. The analytical methodology is described in Appendix S3. The Miocene zircons from the Ranau peridotites (samples SB 120A and SB 120B)

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episodic growth of the gondwana supercontinent from

Feb 02, 2006 · Here we report the first study that integrates hafnium and oxygen isotopes, all measured in situ on the same, precisely dated detrital zircon grains. The data reveal that crust generation in part

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low δ18o zircons, u-pb dating, and the age of the

Zircons from metamorphosed granites exposed near Qinglongshan have δ18OVSMOW values of −7 to 0‰ in both grain rims and cores. The concordant 238U/206Pb ages of zircon cores are 684 to 754 Ma with rims at 221 Ma. Discordant 238U/206Pb ages range from 242 to 632 Ma. Results demonstrate a Neoproterozoic age for the origin of the Qinglongshan oxygen and hydrogen isotope anomaly

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northern territory geochronology uranium-lead (u-pb-hf-o

Description. Abstract: This dataset comprises uranium-lead (U-Pb) age determinations (reported in millions of years) and isotope ratios for zircon and monazite from rocks from the Northern Territory. The data is sourced from the Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) and collaborating researchers, laboratories and published literature

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"in-situ, integrated u-pb, hf and o isotopic study of

Jan 01, 2013 · Zircon data from South Karakoram gneiss dome provide evidence for Proterozoic inherited cores (1.8-1.9 Ga and 2.3-.2.5 Ga) surrounded by migmatitic overgrowth with ages ranging from ~6 to ~20Ma. Oxygen isotopic data of Neogene migmatite and inherited core is similar and indistinguishable ranging from 7.5 to 9.5 /. However, Neogene overgrowth is significantly less evolved

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