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FLAC3D is a numerical modeling code for advanced geotechnical analysis in 3D. It is used in analysis, testing and design by geotechnical, civil and mining engineers. The program is designed to enhance any kind of geotechnical engineering practice where continuum analysis is required (Figure 6). Figure 6-A simple bench slope in FLAC3D

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applications of numerical modelling in underground mining

Numerical modelling has been used to investigate a variety of problems in underground mining and tunnelling: subsidence induced by longwall coal mining; stresses generated when an open stope is filled cemented backfill and the stability of exposures created during subsequent mining of adjacent stopes; the interaction of two tunnels; and the effects of under-mining a pre-existing tunnel and

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numerical modelling of strata movement at footwall induced

Aug 01, 2018 · The theories on rock strata movement derived from coal mines cannot be directly applied to metal mines due to differences in the ore-body geological conditions, the ratio of mining depth to the height of the goaf, mining methods, and in-situ stresses. 8 Thus, many researchers are currently working to determine the mechanism and zoning model of

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numerical modelling and mechanical behaviour analysis of

A sample of numerical simulation results for the two models (test: cohesion [MPa], tension [MPa] and friction [°]). factor is likely to significantly influence masonry mechanical behaviour. Similarly, Fig. 13c shows that the influence of friction angle seems significant, but less pronounced, than that of cohesion

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MINE 819 Numerical modelling in mining geomechanics This course introduces numerical modelling methods used in mining geomechanics. The basic theory and use of finite difference, finite element, boundary element continuum and discrete particle discontinuum codes will be reviewed with the objective of providing an understanding of the

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Prediction of the explicit fracturing process is necessary for many industries such as mining, geothermal energy, nuclear waste disposal and CO2 geosequestration. Since 2007, CSIRO has been leading an international collaboration to develop FRACOD, a unique numerical code for modelling coupled rock fracturing processes. COSFLOW

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mine seismicity – tss

However, with seismic monitoring, numerical modelling, stress and ground control the possibility and effects of the seismic occurrence can be reduced to a tolerable level. Our geotechnical and geomechanical consultants are competent professionals who are informed on the current theories, practices and developments in the field of rock dynamics

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numerical simulation of surface movement and deformation

The interface program of finite element software based on surface spline interpolation is developed by using MATLAB software. The controllable 3D surface modeling based on CAD contour is realized. Taking a mine as an example, the method of establishing the 3D numerical calculation model including complex stratum boundary is studied. The influence of underground mining on surface movement and

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This case study analyses possible dewatering solutions related to a change in the mining drainage system: decommissioning by flooding of a depleted deposit and dewatering of a new one located in the vicinity. As part of numerical modelling, a solution was sought to

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